Beyond Bed, Bath & Beyond: A Registry for the Modern Couple

The traditional wedding registry is intended to help a newlyweds build a house and home with everything from Kitchen Aids to duvets. However, more today than ever before, couples are tying the knot at an older age and have been living as independent adults for years; joining together in matrimony simply means having two crockpots, two TV’s, two fancy knife sets. If they haven’t been living out on their own, the modern couple has been living together long before they say “I Do.”

Many couples are already well-established with all the pots, pans, and Honeymoon plans they could want. This presents today’s bridegrooms with an interesting new wedding challenge: what to do with their wedding registry? Why register for nicer versions of items you already own, when you could instead, get a gift that will really mean a lot to you? If you’re looking for an alternative to a traditional registry, look no further! Below is a list of 3 creative and heartfelt ways for guests to spread the love without needing to include a gift receipt.

  1. Create a Honeyfund

So maybe you have all the gorgeous dishware a girl could want, but your dream Honeymoon has a steep price tag; create a honeyfund! A honeyfund is a Honeymoon registry, wherein guests can help pay for the honeymoon itself in lieu of a traditional wedding gift! Several companies allow you to create a kickstarter that itemizes your honeymoon into small packages that your friends and family can buy for you. Grandpa Earl will get just as much joy, if not more, seeing a picture from your on the romantic dinner for two on the beach that he purchased as he will knowing he purchased the right color sheets.

This gives wedding guests the chance to help you make memories, a truly invaluable gift. Plus, thank-you cards coupled with honeymoon pictures are sure to warm the hearts of your generous guests. Get started with companies like Honeyfund, HoneymoonWishes, Wanderable, and Traveler’s Joy. You can even pair a Honeyfund with a traditional registry through companies like Macy’s Dream Fund.

  1.  Create a Nesting Fund

I know, I know, you skipped to number two hoping it wasn’t another way to ask for money. But the truth is, every registry is asking your guests to get out the checkbook. What guests spend money on is entirely up to you and your fiance. Why not ask for something that will really help get you started in your new life together?

Rather than buying items for your home, have guests contribute to a “Nesting Fund.” Weddings are expensive and let’s face it: most couples cannot afford, or even begin to think about, putting a down payment on their dream home. A Nesting Fund gets at the best of both worlds, by providing the bride and groom a way to start building toward their dream home right from the start and gives guests the chance to enjoy their gift every time they come over to visit! Hatch My House or Feather My Nest and companies like them, help you itemize and bundle parts of the home guests are paying for.

  1. Create Kindness by Giving to Charity

What better way to celebrate love than by loving on those who are less fortunate? That’s what marriage is all about afterall: selflessness, compassion, and love! This option gives couples the chance to put their personal touch on their wedding and demonstrate the kind of power couple they are. Giving to a charity will tug on the heartstrings of your guests and do real-world good.

You two can pick a charity that means the most to you and guests can feel good about helping to make the world a little brighter and a little more loving place to be and be married. Want a blended registry? The Knot allows guests to buy off your registry and a portion of the proceeds will go to a charity of your choice, so long as they buy through The Knot’s website. Or get started with registries specifically designed with compassion in mind, like SoKind, Zankyou, and CrowdRise.

So whether you’re hoping for plushy towels or a dream honeymoon, remember that your guests want to help and celebrate your marriage, so that it can flourish for a lifetime. Friends and family want to take part in your big day and shower you with more than just homegoods, but with love and well wishes. At the end of your big day, no one will think about what is on your wedding wishlist as much as what is in your hearts for each other. So get ready, get set, register!

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