Happy International Women’s Day!

On March 8th every year we celebrate International Women’s Day. In the world of weddings there are so many amazing women involved that deserve appreciation, and where better to start than with your bridal party? Your bridesmaids are among the most awesome, kind-hearted, and generous women you know. For all their love and support, not to mention holding your wedding dress during those impromptu trips to the bathroom, those sleepless nights of planning showers, bachelorette parties, and wedding details, your bridesmaids definitely deserve a huge thank you!

Since you probably still have a mile-long to-do list, we did the legwork for you and collected 7 gift ideas that will show your favorite gals just how much you appreciate them.

Seven Best Gift Ideas for Your Bridesmaids

By this time in our wedding cultural history, one thing has been made abundantly clear: no, a bridesmaid will never wear her bridesmaid’s dress again. Ever. It doesn’t matter how beautiful the dress is, how basic, how black, how supposedly versatile the bride believes it to be, it’s not going to happen. So, what can a bride do to thank the lovely ladies who stand by her side on her special day, not to mention all of the special days leading up to that, such as the bridal shower, the bachelorette party, the dress shopping excursion? Give her something she will actually use! So, here are the seven best bridesmaid gifts.

  1. A spa gift certificate is the type of gift that gets opened with a relaxed sigh. Finally, after months of helping with the planning, making sure the dress fits, paying for the dress, participating in all of the pre-wedding events, including the rehearsal dinner, and then dancing the night away at the reception, what bridesmaid wouldn’t want to get those kinks worked out in a full-body massage? A spa gift certificate is undoubtedly a gift that a bridesmaid will be happy to use. Pass the lavender oil.
  2. A restaurant gift card is the type of gift that gets opened with delight, particularly by a foodie bridesmaid.  Finally, she can enjoy a nice, relaxing meal with the bride’s big day behind her and conversation that no longer includes wedding talk. Plus, she no longer has a dress into which she must squeeze! Pass the bread basket.
  3. Wine of the month club for one year or six months or even three months is the type of gift that gets opened with a smile, particularly by a wine-connoisseur bridesmaid.  Finally, she can enjoy a glass of wine without having to toast the happy couple. Pass the grapes.
  4. An iTunes gift card is a music-loving bridesmaid’s dream. Finally, she can download music that would never and could never be replicated by a wedding band. Pass the iPod.
  5. A piece of jewelry is the type of gift that gets opened with a squeal.  As long as it’s something of good quality, it will be greatly appreciated. Many silver pieces from Tiffany’s are actually affordable for the bride, timeless in style, and what bridesmaid wouldn’t love being the one who feels like a princess opening up that iconic blue box? Go ahead, pull the white ribbon.
  6. A monogrammed bag is something both personalized and useful. Whether it’s a makeup bag or a large weekend duffle bag, it is a gift that can be practical as well as stylish. She might not be going on a honeymoon after the wedding but a bridesmaid still might need a vacation after the big day.  Pass the plane or train ticket.
  7. A Subscription Box is a gift that keeps on giving. Sign your gals up for Birchbox, Ipsy, or similar subscription box. Each month they will receive personalized beauty products to try out and a reminder of how thankful you are for their friendship! 

Any bridesmaid will be thrilled to open up any of the above gifts because they’re the type of gifts that allow her to relax, dine, shine or sport something that she would either likely buy herself or not, considering it an indulgence. There is no better gift than that and no better way to say thank you to the ladies who happily wear the dress the bride prescribes.


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