Items to Consider for your Wedding Day

Brides have many different ideas and “to-dos” on their mind months leading up to the big day. With dress fittings, flowers, menu items and timelines filling their heads, brides often forget to pack a wedding-day bag, full of all of the essentials they need to get ready to say “I do.” If you’re a bride-to-be, thinking about what you might need, here are some ideas to get you thinking.

1. Stationery: This one is often forgotten, but can be really important. Whether you’re tipping your vendors or writing a token of gratitude to your in-laws, having some blank wedding stationery handy is helpful for sending messages to friends, family and vendors.

2. Checkbook: Many vendors have final payments due the day of your wedding, which you might forget in all of the excitement. Make sure your purse is equipped with your checkbook, so you don’t have to send someone to the bank or run back home.

3. Fiancé Gift: It’s often traditional for brides and grooms to have a gift for one another to open the morning of their wedding. Check with your soon-to-be spouse and see if it’s something he or she plans to do.

4. Fashion tape: Wedding dresses usually entail a lot of fabric and delicate pieces. Fashion tape can help keep everything in place, if needed, providing you with peace of mind.

5. Safety pins: With all of the benefits of fashion tape, safety pinsare a little more heavy-duty.

6. Strapless bra: Undergarments are a must, and it’s important to make sure they fit seamlessly under your gown. A well-fitting strapless bra is a suitable option that will coordinate with a variety of silhouettes.

7. White chalk: Sometimes there are small stains and discolorations that happen to white dresses that a stain stick just can’t handle. To avoid smearing and bleeding, white chalk can do wonders for quick cover ups.

8. Small scissors: Brides and bridesmaids might find fraying zipper fabric or hanger strings to be extremely bothersome once they get dressed. Small scissors can be helpful for cutting out unnecessary threads.


9. Small mirror: Whether it’s a quick makeup touch-up or to see the back of your bridal hair, a small mirror is sure to get used as you finish up your look.

10. Tissues: Happy tears will happen, so have tissues handy to soak them up. Consider special bridal tissues to hand out to family and the bridal party.

11. First aid kit: Hopefully nothing will happen to require a first aid kit, but it offers peace of mind to have one available, especially in the case of blisters when a bandage could do wonders.

 12. Makeup remover wipes: If mascara runs, makeup smudges or brides want to redo their look, makeup remover wipes can get the job done. They’re also convenient for the end of the night when the bride is ready to freshen up.

 13. Flip flops: If you’re a bride than plans to wear tall heels, bring some flip flops to have for when you want to hit the dance floor or for when you finish the evening and head off to your honeymoon suite with your new spouse.

 14. Excitement: While it’s not something you can pack into your bridal bag, it’s one of a bride’s most important tools. Despite any stress or nervousness, it’s important to be excited and look forward to your big day.





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